The Top 5 Travel Destinations for Solo Female Travellers

Travelling in India is a pleasant experience. While travelling across the nation, you can get to witness the rich culture, enjoy scenic views, indulge in rustiness of rural life and indulge in the beauty of architectural wonders of India. However, if you are a solo traveller who wants to enjoy travelling through the country alone, then you can also book a best private tour with Jain food.

By booking a well guided tour, you can explore the nation and stay safe while travelling. Here are some places which you can explore while travelling solo in India.


– When it comes to travelling solo, Rishikesh is one of the safest place for women. It is a scenic place situated on the banks of holy Ganga and is blessed with scenic and spiritual beauty. Other than religious significance, Rishikesh is known for the adventurous activities like river rafting and bungee jumping. So, if you are thinking about travelling solo in India, then consider visiting Rishikesh.


– Mumbai is the financial capital of India and is also known as the hub of Indian entertainment. Here you can enjoy the charm of history and also indulge in the sophisticated urbane life.  You can walk across the streets of Kala Ghoda and witness the wonderful colonial architecture. Also, enjoy amazing night-life of Bandra or enjoy some fine-dine at Juhu.


This town is one more haven for solo travellers. It tells a tale of past glory and is known for the ruins of an ancient Vijayanagar empire. There are number of affordable hotels and hostels where you can reside and experience the vibe of this historical town.


Leh-ladakh is a wonderful mountainous place and has proximity with the Tibetan culture.  Here you can visit the scenic Nubra Valley, Pangong Tso Lake and also experience the rustic life of locals.


If you are a beach and party lover, then you will definitely love Goa. In this state of India, you can enjoy some fun time at the beach, enjoy parties in clubs, taste local beer and also taste some scrumptious sea food. While travelling through Goa, you can visit the Palolem, Baga, and Calangute beach. There are various ways of reaching Goa. You can reach travel from Mumbai through flight, over-night buses or trains.

So, if you are planning for a solo trip in India, then it is best to book a tour package with jain food. These tours allow you to explore all the parts of the country without worrying about the safety. Also, you can taste scrumptious food during the tours which doubles the joy.

At Nagfani Tours and Travels, we offer exciting tours across India for travellers who love to explore. Reach out to us and know more about our amazing tours.

Exploring Maharashtra From Nagfani Tours And Travel

Maharashtra is a culturally rich state situated in the western and central parts of India. Thanks to wonderful beaches, mountains and cosmopolitan cities, this state is also an iconic tourist destination in the country.

Here we have listed some must-visit places in the state of Maharashtra for every travelling enthusiast.


Lonavala is one of the most famous hill stations in Maharashtra where you enjoy sightseeing on points like Tiger’s Leap, Amrutanjan Point, and Lonavala Lake. Also, you can visit historical monuments like Korigad, Bhaja caves and more.
If you are a trekking enthusiast, then you can also enjoy trekking and other adventurous activities while visiting Lonavala.


Malvan is a wonderful coastal town located in the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra which is one of the best places in Maharashtra. Here, you can enjoy sightseeing at locations like rock garden, tarkarli beach, Sindhudurg fort and also Malvan marine sanctuary. This place is also perfect for foodies who love seafood. Also, there you can taste many delectable vegetarian dishes and sweets. So, if you want to experience the authentic coastal culture of Maharashtra, then Malvan is one must-visit place in the state.


Khandala is a much more pleasant hill station that is close to prime hill stations like Lonavala and is one of the best places to visit in the month of summer in Maharashtra. So, if you are someone who is seeking solace and wanted to remain close to nature, then Khandala is a perfect place to be. From here, you can visit places such as Lohagad Fort, Kune Waterfalls, Rajmachi Fort, and Bushi Dam around Khandala. You can book a group tour and enjoy the scenic views with your friends and loved ones.


Mahabaleshwar is one other famous hill station in Maharashtra. It is renowned for the Mahabaleshwar temple and has pleasant weather. This hill station offers amazing views of the scenic valley which makes it one of the most loved hill stations in the state. Here, you can visit Mahabaleshwar Temple, Lingmala falls, Elephant’s head point, and Tapola lake at Mahabaleshwar.

Raigad fort-

Raigad fort is a prime historical monument in Maharashtra and holds historical and cultural significance. This fort has been built by the mighty Maratha emperor Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj and was the capital of his empire. There you can see the throne of the emperor and also witness the scenic beauty around it.

Other than Raigad fort, you can visit various monuments in Raigad districts like Kolaba Fort, Sudhagad Fort also amazing places like Shivaji Tomb, and Jagadishwar Temple.

So, if you are eager to visit the state with your family and loved ones, then you can book a Jain yatra tour with Nagfani Tours and Travels and enjoy an amazing time in this wonderful state of Maharashtra.

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Visit Incredible India With NFTT WORLD Today

India is a country of versatility where you can have amazing experiences in every region, state or city. Every place in India has its unique flair and each one offers you an inimitable experience. While travelling across India, you can experience the rustic charm of mountains or spend a relaxing time in coastal villages. You can witness the local lives of people and become a part of this amazing culture.

India is a country with glorious history and is known for its rich culture, religion and deep-rooted civilisation. With breathtaking views and scenic beauty, the country also boasts several wonderful monuments and temples which depict architectural excellence and indigenous knowledge of Indians. So, if you wish to witness this diverse and incredible country, then fasten your seat belt and get ready to experience the roller coaster travel across this wonderful nation with Nagfani Tours and Travels.

Tips for travelling across India-

  • Every traveller who wishes to explore India needs to carry a detailed map of desired places to travel. This country is a vast one and you might experience some difficulties to figure out the exact directions. You might also consider having a guide or booking a Jain-fixed departure package to ensure that you travel safely across designated places. In India, you will get to taste lip-smacking food. However, to ensure that the food you eat does not disturb your tummy, you can ask the locals about good restaurants or street food joints that serve tasty and healthy food. You might consider these recommended places to taste the scrumptious flavours of India.
  • If you wish to shop for souvenirs for your loved ones back home, then prefer buying them from government-approved gift shops or locals. This will help you to get authentic products at the right time.
  • Keep your cash and valuables safe to avoid the risk of pickpocketing.
  • Use government-approved public transport for a safe travel.

Must visit places in India-

  • If you are visiting India, do not miss the Taj Mahal in India. The wonderful marble building was built by a Mughal Emperor for his beloved wife. It is a sign of pure love between the two and is a must-visit place in India.
  • If you wish to experience the spiritual vibe of India, then visiting Banaras is a great idea.
  • To experience the grandeur and royalty of the country, you can visit the forts and palaces of Rajasthan.
  • Khajuraho is a famous place in Madhya Pradesh and is known for its erotic carvings.
  • If you are in India to spend some fun time on the beach, then Goa is the best option for you. forts, go to Goa for dance, trance, and beach partying
  • Also, if you wish to experience wildlife, then you can visit places like Bandhavgarh, Ranthambore, and Sasan Gir National Park.

So, if you are someone who wants to travel across India and is looking for Jain tours and travel to Mumbai, then Nagfani Tours and Travels is the best option for you. Here you will get exciting tours at affordable prices. So, browse through our tours and get set for an exciting odyssey across India.

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Ten Ways Travelers Can Benefit From NFTT WORLD

If you are planning to go on a trip to India, then booking a group tour with Jain food by NFTT World can be the best alternative. Here are some benefits of booking these tours.

1. If you plan the entire trip by yourself, then it might be full of hassles. However, by booking a tour from an NFTT world, you can enjoy the entire trip without any burden. All the bookings and arrangements are done through the travel agent. You just have to pick up your bags and get set for an exciting trip.

2. We can help you in choosing the right destination which has good weather and does not have any political unrest.

3. You can book tours with big groups with different age groups. We will help you with everything right from travel tickets to hotel reservations and food arrangements.

4. There are several benefits of booking tours from the NFTT world. To begin with, we can help you choose the correct places to go. You will have an expert tour manager to guide you throughout the trip and make all the necessary arrangements for you. The tour manager will have a well-defined itinerary. So, you cannot miss out on any must-visit place and get to enjoy it to the fullest during your trip.

5. Your travel agent will make arrangements for food according to your preference. So, if you are looking for a pure vegetarian group tour, then NFTT World will make sure that you get your preferred food throughout the trip.

6. Our professional tour managers are well-versed in all the document requirements and they will provide you with end-to-end assistance regarding documentation.

7. NFTT World provides versatile and exciting tours. Our tours are well-planned for various age groups.

8. Our tour managers are travel experts who know which places are a must-visit. They will tell you about various interesting places and also suggest authentic food joints where you can enjoy scrumptious local food.

9. Your tour managers can also inform you about the special activities during your trip which can help you make it more special. Also, they help you to shop for souvenirs from local markets at the right price.

10.Last but not least, booking tours with NFTT World is also an affordable option. We offer the best tours at affordable prices.

So, if you wish to enjoy a stress-free and memorable trip, then choose tour options from NFTT world. We can help you to carve an end-to-end plan for the trip. With us, you can enjoy a hassle-free travel experience across India. Also, we take care of the safety measures, medical requirements and food preferences of our travellers.

So, the next time you are planning a trip, reach out to NFTT World and book an exciting tour.

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Travel With Nagfani Tours & Travel with Best Service and Pure Veg and Jain Food ( Separate Kitchen)
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