Discover the Jewel of the Middle East with Dubai Tour Packages

With its stunning architecture, souks and markets, fun nightlife, and places and sites to see, Dubai has a charm like no other. For the traveller in you, here’s everything you can do on your Dubai tour with NFTT World.

Get your first glimpse of Dubai with a splendid cruise

Once you’ve landed in Dubai, and had some much-needed rest, there is no delaying the inevitable – exploring Dubai the way it’s meant to be. Your first proper glimpse of Dubai should certainly be a lovely cruise dinner along Dubai Creek. The Dhow Cruise lets you enjoy a scrumptious dinner sailing along the serene waves of the sea as you spend the evening with your loved ones. Surely a perfect end to your first night spent in this lovely city of gold.

Turn into a local for a remarkable afternoon

If travelling to new places is something you absolutely enjoy, there is no better way to do it than turning into a local. Stroll through the city by covering a tour of places like Palm Jumeirah Island, the Jumeirah beach, and more to be enchanted by all that the city holds. For an adventure more unique to Dubai, a fun desert safari tour shouldn’t be far behind. Experience the thrill of a safari touring the sand dunes and camel-back riding for some photogenic moments.

Partake in an entertaining evening

Ending your safari should be a lovely evening of entertaining with a Tanoura dance show and belly dancing as you take in the exotic aura of Dubai. With a delectable dinner pairing your entertainment, you’re sure to enjoy a good night’s rest in preparation for the fun-filled day ahead.

Experience the lavishness of Dubai

When you think of Dubai, the Burj Khalifa isn’t far from your mind. Spend a day experiencing the exuberance of Dubai with a visit to the tallest building in the world. You can pay for a ride up the Burj Khalifa and get a glimpse of Dubai from the top. Once you’re back down, add in a little shopping spree at the Dubai Mall where you can find everything you need to. Call it a day as you witness the lovely show by the Fountain.

Get a glimpse of the wildlife at the aquarium and underwater zoo

While in Dubai, make sure you add in some time to visit the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo to witness a dazzling world of wildlife. You can witness some of the most peculiar and vivid species up close during your tour through the zoo and aquarium.

Check out the Ferrari World theme park

Love theme parks and the thrill they bring? A little ways away from Dubai is the Ferrari World Theme pack with some truly engaging rides to make your day adventurous. While you get a tour of Abu Dhabi and its bustling parks, museums, malls, and more, make sure you set aside some time to visit the theme park for a day of thrilling rides. You can also get a chance to ride on the fastest rollercoaster in the world while here.

Enjoy the thrill of the Bollywood Park

If you love Bollywood and a good dash of adventure, Bollywood Park should definitely be on your list of places to explore in Dubai. Your Dubai tour is sure to be incomplete without the stunt shows, rides, and performances at this lovely Bollywood-esque theme park. The venue, designed like a Bollywood set, has much in store for you to explore.

While you never have enough of Dubai, the time to say goodbye shouldn’t be a mournful affair. Make sure you pack along your memories of the Dubai tour so they nudge you enough to bring you back to this splendid city for yet another adventure with NFTT World.

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