Greece on a Budget: Travel Tips for the Frugal Explorer with Veg Tours Package

Are you an explorer at heart? Travelling to new destinations is sure to be the one thing on your to-do list every year that gets you going. And when it comes to Greece, you just cannot refuse. All you need is a trusted tours and travels company like NFTT World that helps you plan the vacation of your dreams within a set budget. And a great thing about our services is that we offer affordable Greece holiday packages, so you won’t have to worry about spending a fortune. 

Exploring one destination at a time on a small budget can also be a great way to unwind and learn more about the world. 

So, here are a few tips for you if you’re a frugal explorer on a budget trip to Greece:

Travel during the off seasons

Peak seasons are perfect for those who wish to experience Greece in its most happening phase. But if you are on a tight budget, there is nothing better than planning a trip during the off seasons. The months of May and June or September and October are the best times to visit this beautiful country without exceeding the budget you have set aside. You will not only find the place less crowded but also be able to witness Greece at its finest. Off-seasons will also mean lesser air fares, huge discounts, and affordable accommodations and sightseeing.

Early bookings are a bonus

Whether you’re looking to buy a Greece travel package or booking air tickets and accommodations by yourself, the wisest thing to do is book everything in advance. Don’t wait until the last minute to look for options. Make sure to book everything months before you actually set off on your journey.

Public transportation will save you big bucks

If you need conveyance options to travel from your hotel to a popular tourist site, relying on private transportation can significantly add to your expense. A great way to save on internal travel is to hire a two-wheeler that you could ride about the town or stick to public transportation. Walking around the streets is also a great way to explore the country like a true local. And you just cannot forget island hopping when you’re in Greece. Remember, choose slower ferries so you can enjoy the sites (and save a great deal)!

Look for discounts while sightseeing

Greece is a stunning country with countless sights to take in. If you intend to sightsee and visit museums and historic sites, you may be charged an entrance fee. But the good news is that the entrance fee is relatively cheap. However, if you’re still looking for ways to save on your expenses, look for discounts offered by vendors and businesses.

And if you’re still not keen on paying an entrance fee, all the beaches in Greece are free. You can simply make a list of places that don’t charge you for visiting and head to those sites instead. This also applies to beverages and desserts!

Look for local cuisines  

An expensive restaurant is not synonymous with great food. More often than not, you’re bound to find amazing food at local eateries and small eating joints managed by the locals. You not only get a taste of good, home-made, and delicious local food but also save on a lot. For those on a Greece tour with veg food on their mind, local eateries can be a great place to find out an eclectic range of veg foods more to your preference.

These local eateries are sure to have sandwiches and more that you can indulge in without worrying about the lack of veg options. Additionally, you could also go through the supermarkets and find veg foods that are easy to make so you can get a taste of home oceans away.

Book your vacation through a Greece travel package

Greece holiday packages by travel companies like NFTT World can help you plan a productive itinerary that keeps your personal requirements and preferences in mind. For vegetarians travelling to Greece on holiday, finding veg restaurants can be a challenge. We help you find the best places to indulge in vegetarian delights well within your budget. Apart from food preferences, our itineraries are designed to help you witness the best of Greece without the stress of having to plan it yourself!

Think Greece could be your next travel destination? Reach out to us to book your Greece tour with veg food preferences so we can plan a budget vacation for you and your family that stays in your memory forever.

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