Exploring Himachal Beyond Shimla and Manali: 5 Hidden Gems You Must Visit

There is no denying that Shimla and Manali are among the most hyped places in India. Considering its natural landscape backed by mesmerising mountains and rivers, these locations in Himachal Pradesh are worth the hype. However, many other off-beat locations in Himachal Pradesh remain less crowded and have stunning views and peace to offer their visitors!

So, if you are seeking adventure and peace or just want to soak up the serene views, there are a few hidden gems beyond Manali and Shimla that you must cover in your next Himachal tour

1. Tirthan Valley

If a leisure trip is what you’ve been looking for, then Tirthan Valley is the perfect place for it. Located just 70 km away from the airport, this valley is situated in the Kullu district. What makes Tirthan Valley a must-visit, off-beat place on your next Himachal tour? 

If your paradise has elements like a lush green environment and a river flowing through a picturesque village, then Tirthan Valley is a place you must visit. You can go trekking, birdwatching, camping, and enjoy leisure activities that make you feel relaxed! 

2. Malana

Malana is located in a secluded area and is also known as ‘the mini Greece of India’. It has kept its customs and traditions preserved in a manner that makes it the most attractive part to be explored. If you are a culturally curious soul, Malana is likely to leave you in awe.

Aside from having a natural beauty that calms your soul and pleasant weather to lift your mood instantly, Malana’s locals welcome you with warmth. You can trek, visit Jamlu Devta Temple, or explore the majestic Malana glaciers!

3. Narkanda

If you’re looking for offbeat places to visit in your next Himachal tour, Narkanda should be on your list!  Located near Shimla is Narkanda. This beautiful small town remains less crowded than Shimla and Manali but has amazing experiences to offer its visitors. The place will give you the much-needed respite from city life as you can actually sit back and relax here.  Visiting Narkanda during the winter is highly recommended, as it transforms into a wonderland where you can try skiing and snowboarding activities with your family.

Moreover, Narkanda has something for everyone. When visiting with family, you can enjoy quality time visiting apple orchards, try apple picking, and enjoy some delicious local cuisine amid the most picturesque landscape!

4. Kheerganga

If you are seeking a place that has a blend of mystical views and spiritual vibes, then Kheerganga should be your next destination. located around 9700 feet above sea level, it offers breathtaking views of the snow-capped Himalayas. This place is also renowned for its incredible treks that take you through picturesque meadows beautiful waterfalls, stunning forests, and serene temples.  If you want to refresh your mind with stargazing, camping, and relaxing in the hot springs, then make sure you visit this heavenly place at least once in your lifetime!

5. Lahaul

The last hidden gem on the list beyond Manali and Shimla that you must include in your next Himachal tour is Lahaul. Believe it or not, the more you explore this place, the more you will fall in love with it. Lahaul was often covered along with Spiti Valley; however, since the inception of the Atal Tunnel, visiting this place in Himachal is now convenient.
Located just 33 km away from Manali, Lahaul is the place where you should plan your next Himachal tour if crowds are what you want to avoid. From Sissu Valley to Shinkhu La and Pattan Valley to Trilokinath Valley, multiple spots will capture your heart forever. So, consider exploring these locations on your next Himachal tour.

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