Jain Group Tours from Mumbai: Explore India with NFTT World

Going on a pilgrimage takes a great deal of effort, devotion, and planning. But planning for all the little things, from the accommodation and itinerary to the tickets and other small details, can take the joy out of the journey. While your devotion is key, a lot of the other planning can safely be handed over to someone else when the need arises. NFTT World is among the few prominent planners for Jain group tours from Mumbai where we make sure your journey is fulfilling, enriching, and unforgettable.

Things to Keep in Mind for Your Jain Group Tour

Gearing up your upcoming Jain group tour from Mumbai? We have a few tips that can make your journey worth every second. As you head on your Jain group tour from Mumbai with NFTT World, here are key things to remember to make the most of your tour and make it a memorable journey.

Keep an open heart and mind

When on a spiritual journey on your Jain tour, keep your heart and mind open. Your tour is about more than just visiting the many temples and shrines. It is about reflecting on your spiritual journey and growth. Immerse yourself in rituals, meditation, and prayers as you prepare your heart and mind to experience a renewal.

Travel light

Your group tour is bound to be taxing if you have too many belongings to carry everywhere you go. Take care to pack light and efficiently. Avoid clothes and footwear that will bog you down or be irrelevant on the tour. Make sure you carry only items that will be of need, including a first aid kit and a water bottle.

Adhere to local customs

Another key consideration when you’re on a Jain group tour from Mumbai is adhering to local customs and expectations. A lot of the sites have certain restrictions, from removing footwear before entering a temple to observing silence at all times within the holy place where others meditate. How you dress is also important during your tour. Take care to dress modestly as required according to the temple rules and avoid bringing snacks or chewing gum within the temples.

Experience a sense of community

Group travel is an opportunity to connect with people from all walks of life. Your group Jain tour will help you form bonds with those sharing the same spiritual beliefs as you. You can share anecdotes and life stories, reflect on your spiritual journey and growth, and feel one with the community for a more fulfilling experience.

Bask in the tranquillity of the divine presence

Every stop on your Jain group tour will bring with it the opportunity to bask in the serene presence of the divine. Make the most of it as you head from one beautiful destination to another.

Be one with the ambience without a care

What’s great about a Jain group tour from Mumbai with NFTT World is that you don’t have to plan for anything on your tour. We do it for you. So, you can spend all your time basking in the ambience and being one with it and you meditate

Stay energised so can witness every site on the tour

Your Jain group tour becomes truly amazing when you are able to visit every site on the tour itinerary without worrying about your health. A Jain pilgrimage requires a great deal of walking and climbing – something you can only accomplish if you stay hydrated and energised throughout. Make sure you’re not missing meals or water stops in your fervour of visiting the holy places.

Our Jain group tour from Mumbai is sure to be an amazing experience where all you need to focus on is the experience and leave all the meticulous planning to NFTT World. Whether you’re seeking a spiritual experience, a cultural enrichment, or a chance to connect with others, you can count on an unforgettable experience filled with beauty, serenity, and devotion.

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