Exploring Thailand’s Vegetarian Delights: A Mumbai to Thailand Veg Tour Package Guide

Thailand is a paradise if you’re looking to explore tropical sights, floating markets, and delightful cuisines. Home to ancient monuments, stunning tropical beaches, islands, floating markets, and more, this Southeast Asian land is one you cannot help falling in love with. Here’s everything you can do on your Jain tour in Thailand:

Unwind on the beaches of Thailand

Thailand has a bevy of beautiful beaches that you can visit to take in the stunning sight of the waters or to feel the softness of the sand against your feet. These beaches offer a number of marine adventure activities for adventurous souls and are lined with popular restaurant choices and shops where you can purchase trinkets and souvenirs.

Explore the floating markets

Thailand is synonymous with floating markets set on the calm waters of Bangkok. These markets are hundreds of years old and see tourists from all over, exploring Thai culture and all that the market offers.

The canals, through which the boats row, are a peaceful change from the bustle of the country. You can also check out the vegetarian delights served at the market and get trinkets for yourself and your loved ones.

Go island hopping

There is no dearth of islands to explore in Thailand. From Coral Island to the famous James Bond Island, you can take in stunning sights and make it a trip to remember. Your Jain tour in Thailand is certainly incomplete without a tour of the gorgeous islands and the scenery you come across on your way back.

The Nong Nooch tropical garden in Pattaya is a landscaped park that is enchanting to behold. The Renaissance-themed gardens are home to stunning species of orchids, succulents, bonsai, etc. You can rent bicycles to cycle along the paths set within the gardens so you don’t miss out on the delightful sights.

Take in the sacred sights

For those of you who love beautiful architecture and all things spiritual, the temples are out here a must-see. These temples hold both historical and spiritual significance and are sacred to the natives of Thailand. You can also find a number of Hindu temples to visit like the Devasthan built in 1784.

Indulge in popular cuisines

If you thought Thailand was only a food haven for non-vegetarians, there’s much you need to explore. Thailand has some of the most amazing vegetarian cuisines being served locally and at high-end restaurants. From Pad Thai Jay and Green Curry Jay to vegetable curry puffs and more, you can find a lot to indulge in at the popular vegetarian restaurants out here. These restaurants also serve delicious Jain food, making your Thailand tour with veg food a success.

Head over to the elephant sanctuaries

If you’re a lover of animals, the elephant sanctuaries and rescue centres are a must-visit. These places rescue elephants and also offer sanctuary to cattle, dogs, cats, birds, and other animals. If it’s something that interests you greatly, you can also donate to the cause. Apart from the elephant sanctuaries, you can also check out the Ocean World, the wildlife sanctuary, the Safari World Zoo, and the Tiger Zoo.

Check out the marine underwater life

If you’re scared of going underwater, this is certainly for you! The Underwater World out here in Pattaya gives you a glimpse of some of the rarest marine life without actually diving underwater! Kids and adults alike can take in the views and see stingrays, sharks, and more up close. The Pattaya Dolphin World is yet another stop on your tour where you can witness breathtaking dolphin shows. You can also swim with the dolphins out here by stepping into the pool.

If you’re planning a Thailand tour with veg food, NFTT World has just the package for you! We not only plan the entire tour for you but also make sure you take in the best of Thailand and all that it has to offer. You can find out the itinerary for your Thailand packages from Mumbai to know what’s in store for you on the tour we plan for you.

So, book your tour and get packing!

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