Discover the Thrilling Wonders of Philippines through Our Philippines Tour Packages

In the countless destinations littered across the globe, Philippines is a treasure trove not many venture to as their first travel destination. But with what this archipelago has in store for you, this place is sure to be on your list of the best places to travel to when you need to escape to a land that offers beauty, culture, history, and relaxation in spades. NFTT World plans a Philippines travel package for you that takes you on a thrilling adventure you can’t say no to. 

Want to know why the Philippines should be your next destination? Read on below!

Bask in the natural beauty of Palawan

Palawan is a tourist’s paradise everywhere you look. For anyone visiting the Philippines on a vacation, Palawan is the place to start your adventure. You can get a glimpse of the beautiful crystalline waters, the vibrant coral reefs, limestone karsts, all waiting to enchant you. If you love thrilling adventures or spending hours in nature’s bounty, island hopping through El Nado will give you much to do, all while falling hopelessly in love with its beauty. The turquoise waters and beautiful stone karsts are sure to keep you enchanted for ages.

Experience the calming bliss of Boracay

Your Philippines tour packages from Mumbai cannot help but include Boracay – the lovely tropical paradise that steals your hearts. Boracay is loved and adored for its beautiful waters, the soft white sands, and the bliss one feels while unwinding at this gorgeous land. And if you thought that’s all that Boracay offers, you’re in for a surprise. Adventure lovers can experience water sports and much more to while away their time until the sun goes down, where you can then indulge in the amazing and vibrant nightlife. All in all, a perfect combination of fun and calm.

Walk through the historical sites of Cebu

History lovers on a Philippine tour must have Cebu on their list of places to visit. This is a place where history and the thrill of adventure combine. You can explore the city of Ceby by visiting the Magellan’s Cross and other historic monuments and places during your tour and end with some underwater exploration in Moalboal. Whether you’re a history buff or an adventurer, Cebu gives you the best of both worlds.

Witness the mesmerising rice terraces in Banaue

Here’s yet another place to visit while on your Philippines holiday packages. The rice terraces in Banaue hold historical importance for being untouched in its practices and culture for centuries. The beauty of this historical site coupled with its importance in ecology has made it a popular site to visit for tourists. The cultures and traditions of the people here give you a glimpse into the farming practices that have given this landscape its popularity for generations past and more to come.

Explore the off-beat landscapes of Davao

If you’re looking for an off-beat place to explore in the Philippines, the eco-paradise of Davao is the place to be. Dao is home to thriving species of flora and fauna, and to the endangered Philippine eagle. The evergreen landscapes allow you a chance to unwind in the embrace of nature while also partaking in outdoor activities that are a thrill to indulge in. Davao, with its commitment to conservation, makes a true impact in your hearts and mind while also giving back to nature.

With its warmth, hospitality, lush beauty, and diverse landscapes, the Philippines is all set to make a permanent place in your hearts. If a Philippines tour with veg food is in the cards for you, NFTT World can make it happen. We plan fun adventures for you and your family to enjoy as you travel the world one country at a time.

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