Bali for Families: Kid-Friendly Activities and Veg Eateries Jain Tours

Bali, with its magnificent coral reefs, islands, rice paddies, and more, is a place that is rapidly becoming a crowd-favourite. With the right tour package, you can witness Bali in its beauty with your families, all without landing a dent in your wallets. Here’s a glimpse of Bali through our eyes that you can witness on your Bali tour packages from Mumbai with NFTT World.

What Can You Look Forward to on Your Jain Tour in Bali

Want to know how you can have a splendid time in Bali on your upcoming trip? Here’s everything to look forward to on your Bali tour with veg food by NFTT World!

Get the local experience

The best way to truly get to know a place is to experience its local offerings. While we’re sure to know all of the places a tourist must visit in Bali, the local experience is one that shouldn’t be missed if you wish to know how the locals live in this beautiful country. Here’s everything you can do to feel like a local yourself.

  • Temples: Bali is home to many temples that are widely appreciated for their architecture and aesthetic beauty. Visiting a few temples on your local sightseeing agenda should definitely be on your list of things to do in Bali. Some of the temples you can witness in all their glory include the Lempuyang Temple, the Pura Tanah Lot, the Ulun Danu Beratan Temple, and more.
  • Rice terraces: Bali is known for its eye-catching rice terraces that you can find in a number of places. These scenic rice paddies ensconced in lush greens make you want to stay here forever.
  • Traditional art markets: If you’re looking for traditional souvenirs that remind you of Bali when you’re back home, the traditional art market is the place to be. Local artisans handcraft beautiful products, from woven bags to silk scarves, that you can add to your collection. This can also help support the locals.
  • Street foods: No food tastes better than street food. And that holds true for Bali too. While we arrange splendid vegetarian and Jain meals for you on your Bali tour with veg food, you can always check out vegetarian street food options that suit your palette.
  • Beaches: Your yearning to visit a pristine beach that is clean and stunning comes to an end on your Jain tour in Bali. There are quite a few beaches that you can visit in the mornings or to catch the sunset. And if you hold a fondness for dolphins, the Lovina beach out here is one such place where you can not only snorkel but also catch sight of the bottle-nosed dolphins early in the morning.

Visit the famous musical fountain

If there’s one thing you just cannot miss on your Bali tour, it’s the spectacular musical fountain. With an amalgamation of LED lights, music, laser fountains, and water streams, the fountain attracts visitors by the horde. The 3D effect of the fountain makes it ever-so-enthralling for kids and adults alike.

Engage in recreational activities

  • Aquarium and underwater zoo: During your tour in Bali, you’re sure to be captivated by the marine life out here. The underwater zoo and aquarium is a popular tourist spot out here along with the many safaris to witness wildlife in their natural habitat.
  • Theme park: Bali has a number of theme parks that you can explore, one of them being the Trans Studio Bali Theme Park. From live-action experiences to other theme park features, you’re sure to have a blast visiting any of these places as part of your Bali tour packages from Mumbai.
  • Adventure activities: If you are an adventurous soul, white water rafting along the widest river in Bali is your chance to make your Jain tour in Bali the experience worth cherishing. The Bali swing is yet another activity that many come to try in the hopes of getting an experience of a lifetime and countless pictures that make you feel like you’re part of a fairytale.

Your Bali tour packages from Mumbai by NFTT World are sure to take you through spectacular sights and experiences, giving you the best of Bali. Find out what the tour will entail by getting in touch with us if Bali is on your list of places to visit in the upcoming months!

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