Rangilo Rajasthan Tour Package: An Unforgettable Jain Tirth in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a sizable princely state that is famous for its forts and Havelis, in addition to housing some of India’s best Jain temples. Jainism has its strongest hold in Rajasthan. The landscapes of Rajasthan are covered in thousands of Jain temples, commonly referred to as Derasars. Thus, the majority of Jain pilgrims travel to Rajasthan for their Jain tirth tour to seek the divine’s blessings. Continue reading if you’re curious to learn more about what this heavenly and enlightening journey has in store.

Top 10 Jain Temples You Must Visit During Your Jain Tirth In Rajasthan:

  1. Ranakpur Jain Temple, Ranakpur
  2. Dilwar Temple, Mount Abu
  3. Sanghiji Temple, Sanghaner
  4. Tijara Jian temple, Alwar
  5. Nakoda Jain Temple, Barmer
  6. Soniji ki Nasiya, Ajmer
  7. Seth Bhandasar Jain temple,
  8. Shri Chandanpur Mahvorji Jian Temple
  9. Lodurva Jain temple, Jaiselmer
  10. Osian Jain Temple, Jodhpur

Rangilo Rajasthan Tour Package Itinerary:

Being in a state of spiritual ecstasy in Rajasthan is just so effortless, which is why we acknowledge your demand for an enlightening and soul-stirring religious tour in Rajasthan. Our unique Jain tirth tour takes you on a wonderful tour of some of Rajasthan’s most revered and impressive Jain temples.

Day 1: Upon arriving in Delhi, meet our representative, who will guide you to the hotel. You can now rest for the night before the divine tour begins.

Day 2: Following breakfast, we’ll travel to Alwar. Check into the hotel as soon as you arrive in Alwar. The Shri Chandra Prabhu Digambar Jain Temple inTijara will be our next stop. In Tijara, Bhagwan Chandra Prabhu, the eighth Teerthankar, is the principal god. It is constructed of white stone and is positioned in Padmasana. We’ll go to another temple in Tijara City that houses the 23rd Teerthankar’s god, Bhagwan Parshvanath and was built in V.S. 1895.

Day 3: We’re going to the Tijara Fort today and for that we will travel to Jaipur. Once you arrive in Jaipur, check into your hotel. We’ll take a tour of the city in the afternoon. Following breakfast, we’ll spend the entire day exploring Jaipur. We’ll go to Shri Digamber Jain Temple in Sanganer, Chulgiri Jain Temple, and Amber Fort. Hotel stay for the night.

Day 4: We’ll go by car to Udaipur on this day of our Rajasthan Jain tirth tour. On Udaipur-Ahmedabad Road, 65 kilometres from Udaipur, we’ll visit the Rikhabdev Jain Temple. The primary deity of this temple, Digambar Lord Rishabh Dev, which is carved in black stone and stands around 3.5 feet tall in the Padmasana position, is a well-known pilgrimage attraction. The main idol’s simhasana, which also features 16 dreams of the mother of the Tirthankar, is carved with two oxen in the middle. Hotel stay for the night.

Day 5: Today, we’ll travel by car to Banswara. Check into the hotel as soon as you arrive in Banswara. The Arthuna temples, which were constructed in the 11th, 12th, and 15th centuries, will be our next stop. Next, we’ll make the trip back to Udaipur in the evening. When you get to Udaipur, check into the hotel for the night.

Day 6: After breakfast, we’ll take a trip to Mount Abu. Check into a hotel as soon as you get to Mount Abu. We’ll go to the well-known Dilwara Jain temple later. After that, we’ll travel to Ranakpur to see the Jain temples there. The four-faced architecture of this Jain temple, which is dedicated to Adinatha, represents the Tirthankara’s conquering of the four cardinal directions and the cosmos. Hotel stay for the night.

Day 7: On the final day of our Rajasthan Jain tirth tour, we’ll travel to Jodhpur. Once you arrive in Jodhpur, check into your accommodation. We are going to the Osian temples in the afternoon. The collection of abandoned Brahmanical and Jain temples from the eighth to the eleventh centuries can be seen in Osian.

Day 8: We’ll drop you off at the airport or train station after breakfast so you can catch your next flight or train to your destination.

Our sacred Jain Tirth tour is the perfect pilgrimage package you need. Rest assured, pure Jain food cooked by Marwari Maharaj will be served during the entire trip. In addition to the forts and royal palaces, our special Rangilo Rajasthan tour package allows you to see the state’s sacred religious side. Connect with NFTT WORLD right now to book your reservations. To make your Jain Tirth fulfilling and unforgettable, we shall go above and beyond.

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