Singapore Group Holiday Tours Packages: The Smartest Way To Get Around & Experience Singapore

Looking for a vacation destination that has a rich culture, splendid attractions, and delightful cuisines to woo you? Singapore holiday packages by NFTT World are just what you need. With local sights, cultural festivities, and vibrant streets calling out to you, the traveller in you is sure to rejoice at the adventure in store.

So, here’s everything you need to know to get around and experience Singapore like never before:

Travel like a local

When in Singapore, travel like a Singaporean. And what better way to do that than with EZ-Link cards? Going about like a pro is infinitely easier when you learn a bit or two about the local public transportation. While you save on expenses, you will also have a chance to experience Singapore like never before from within buses and trains trudging along routes that not most tourists take. An EZ-Link card, made available at most convenience stores, can easily be topped off and used hassle-free. Singapore also has an app to help you assess the possible routes to take and the peak hours that are well avoided as you explore the bustling streets. Certainly, a boon if you’re looking to have a budget trip and spend on knick-knacks to take back home!

Explore the hidden gems and local hubs

While it’s a common choice to explore popular attractions like Sentosa Island, the real treasure is exploring quaint neighbourhoods and streets that give you a glimpse into the lives of the locals. The vibrant Tiong Bahru streets are sure to tug at your heartstrings with their funky architecture and hip cages. The Haji Lane is yet another street bustling with colourful art and quirky stores. If you’re planning to take a piece of Singapore back as a memento, shopping out here is sure to be an adventure. The local hubs and streets are the hidden gems you need to explore to truly experience Singapore at its core.

Keep track of the climate and stay hydrated

When you’re in a land as breathtaking as Singapore, it is easy to lose track of how the weather is faring. Unless you’re used to heat and humidity, the climate out here can be challenging for you. Make sure you always have drinking water at hand to stay hydrated. And while you get carried away exploring the many attractions and streets, make sure you take a break from the sun and heat as often as you can. Head into air-conditioned malls and eateries between your shopping spree and keep your carry-ons light! And while you’re out shopping, buying a mini portable fan wouldn’t be such a bad idea!

Get immersed in the rich history and culture of the land

If exploring the rich culture of Singapore is on your cards, a great way to do so is partaking in the festivities and rituals. A number of temples and historical sites carry out age-old traditions and ceremonies that you can witness and be a part of to feel connected to the Lion City. The Lantern Festival and the Thaipusam procession are just some of the events of cultural significance that you can check out while in Singapore to indulge in its diverse culture and heritage. Add in the murals adorning the walls of the city and you’re bound to be enthralled.

Binge on street foods and delightful cuisines

There’s no better way to truly enjoy vacationing away from home than indulging in some local cuisine. Singapore is a haven of delicious street foods that are a steal, no matter where you go. You can try some of the authentic vegetarian cuisine at the hawker centres that serve delectable dishes or head to a premium restaurant for a more fancy affair. Wherever you choose to dine, you sure are going to love it all.

Your Singapore holiday packages are bound to be more pocket-friendly with these travel hacks to guide you. Don’t forget to live like a local and let your curiosity take the reins! And if you need trusted Singapore group tour packages, there is no one better than NFTT World to plan an unforgettable trip for you and your loved ones.

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