Taiwan Tour Package – Top Attractions to Make Your Trip Unforgettable

Ever feel the mountains calling you? Or better yet, an island with stunning features and monuments. If there is one place that offers the best of both worlds, it is Taiwan, being the most mountainous island in the entire world. This thriving city is home to beautiful traditions and cultures, vibrant night markets, stunning temples and marble wonderlands, and much more. And here’s what your Taiwan tour package with NFTT has in store for you. 

Touch Down in Taiwan for 8 days of bliss

Your first glimpse of Taiwan will be in Taipei, where you will arrive at the airport to a warm welcome. Awaiting you with earnestness, the representative of NFTT World will be right outside to provide any and all assistance while getting you to the hotel where you will stay during your Taipei tour. You can find a range of luxury hotels downtown, one of which will be your accommodation for a blissful stay. And before we take you exploring through Taiwan, you can spend a day of rest after you check in to your hotel.

Dive into the cultures and history of this gorgeous island

A fun day of exploration awaits you in Taipei City where you can visit several landmarks and sites of attraction. The charming Grand Hotel Taipei, the Presidential Office Building, the Martyr’s Shrine, the National Palace Museum, and the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall are just some of the magnificent monuments you can get to witness on your tour of the city. With exciting adventures ahead, you’re off to a great start with these stunning places invigorating your senses.

Get a glimpse of Taiwan’s indigenous heritage

Your Taiwan vacation only gets better as we take you to Taiwan’s largest freshwater body, the Sun Moon Lake. The road leading to this ethereal place is filled with scenic and cultural landmarks that you can’t get enough of. Among these are the Wenwu Shrine, the Ita Thao Aboriginal Village, the lakeside Xuanzang Temple, the Ci En Monument, and more. A stunning evening at the Fleur De Chine Lake is sure to help you unwind in its tranquil bliss.

Explore a blend of the urban and spiritual

For those who love a great blend of the urban and spiritual, a visit to the Fo Guang Shan Monastery followed by a night spent at the port city of Kaohsiung is just what you need. You can see the Love River and explore the Liuhe night market to get some shopping done while taking in the beauty of the crowds, both local and otherwise.

Bask in nature’s bounty

Taiwan has no dearth of natural attractions, and Kenting Park is just one among many that you need to witness. Tourist attractions like the Eluanbi Lighthouse, the coastal town of Taitung, and a few more must-see places line up along the way to make your journey even more captivating. You can unwind at the Chihpen natural hot springs at the end of the day before heading out on more exploration adventures.

Check out the hidden gems of the East Coast

If you love pristine waters and the sea, a road trip along the East Coast will give you a glimpse of the beautiful coastline. You can stop and visit places like the Shitiping Mountain, the Fanshuliao Marble Museum, Sanxiantai, and the Taroko National Park. For nature lovers, the trip couldn’t get better. You can glimpse the extensive panoramas, and check out some hiking trails before getting back on your road trip.

Witness the beauty of the marble rocks

While in Taiwan, you certainly cannot miss visiting the Taroko Gorge, where you can see stunning marble rocks. The Swallow Grotto, the Eternal Spring Temple, and the Qingshui Cliff are yet more places that should be on your visiting list if breathtaking features hold your interest.

After a fun and enriching trip through our Taiwan tour package, you’re sure to head home with mementos beyond what you can carry in your backpack. With the culture and history of Taiwan keeping you company throughout your vacation here, you’ll find yourself missing this amazing destination more than ever.

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