Vietnam-Cambodia Veg Tour Guide From Mumbai: Must-See Places to Visit

Thinking of heading on an international adventure? If you love experiencing different cultures, considering Vietnam-Cambodia holiday packages with NFTT World is just what you need. With age old beauty infused with traditions and ancient architecture, you will witness a world that beckons you with everything it offers. And what’s even more amazing is that we make sure your vegetarian preferences are kept in mind throughout your vacation so that you can indulge without a care and make the most of your tour.

Here’s everything you surely need to see on your Vietnam-Cambodia trip from Mumbai:

Give the bustling Ben Thanh Market a visit

The Ben Thanh Market at the core of Ho Chi Minh city is the soul of Saigon. If you’re in the mood for some shopping combined with an eating spree, there is no better place for you to visit. The streets lined up with numerous trades, ranging from apparel to foods attracts thousands of tourists and locals alike. For those yearning for some vegetarian delights on their Vietnam-Cambodia holiday packages, the Ben Thanh Market has healthy and delectable options galore for you to try. Don’t forget to try the vegetarian Bahn Mi sandwiches and the popular Cha Gio (spring rolls)!

Witness the colonial architecture in Hanoi

The capital of Vietnam, Hanoi sees much of the crowd visiting Vietnam on a tour. With its ancient architecture and rich, vibrant culture holding you captive, Hanoi is sure to be a delight on your Vietnam-Cambodia tour. The streets lined up with exciting stalls and eateries are the craze among locals and tourists where you can indulge in delicious tidbits and get some trinkets as memorabilia. Hanoi is also home to numerous temples that you can visit. Strolling along the narrow streets of the Old Quarter is enough to make your day spent in Hanoi worth it all.

Cruise along the waters of Halong Bay

Gear up to witness the beauty of the waters and islands in Vietnam with a kayak or boat expedition on the Halong Bay waters. With stunning emerald green waters surrounded by gorgeous limestone islands, you just can’t have enough of this place once you’ve set foot on the waters. For those that love adventure, now’s the chance to go scuba diving, hiking or rock climbing. Don’t miss exploring the Cat Ba National Park while you’re here.

Go temple-hopping in Siem Reap

Now that you’ve had your fill of Vietnam, it’s time to explore Cambodia. With ancient wonders here to captivate you, the breath-taking temples and stone buildings in Siem Reap are ethereal in their beauty. For those that love the world of fantasy, this beautiful paradise is nothing short of otherworldly. Let the grandeur of Angkor Wat be a much-needed treat to your eyes while you explore this city.

Witness the revered Killing Fields memorial

Considered a revered site to honour the lives and deaths of victims who lost their lives to slaughter, diseases, and starvation, the Choeung Ek genocidal centre sees many tourists. This exhibition, set in the outskirts of Phnom Penh, seeks to remember the lives while continuing on with compassion and wisdom to guide us. This historical site is a sombre yet important destination while you’re exploring Cambodia and its history.

No matter what places you visit on your chosen Vietnam Cambodia tour packages from Mumbai, you’re sure to fall hopelessly in love with these countries and all that they offer. Add in the amazing local dishes catered specifically to your vegetarian palettes and you’re bound to be more attached to this place than ever. With NFTT World, your travel plans become easier than ever with our team creating an itinerary showcasing the best of these places.

Want to know more about what’s in store for your Vietnam Cambodia holiday packages? Reach out to our team to have your queries answered!

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